Welcome to our new online store!

Mike and the team would like to welcome you to our new online store. We will be adding lots of new products in the coming weeks and suggest that you bookmark our site.

We can be reached onĀ 0910 4998362 for any queries or you may check our Facebook page at:


We look forward to assisting you with your groceries and other items imported from the United Kingdom.

You may always contact us using the email contact form below:

11 thoughts on “Welcome to our new online store!

  1. Hi Mike when will you be getting tea bags in stoke I want some tetley tea bags and other stuf so I will place a order when you get tea bags ib ok mike. allan gales

  2. When are you going to use a different firm than LBC I understand that a cheaper shipping firm has been advised to you from the Britexpat forum. I would happily increase my stock order to cover the reduction in shipping costs.

    Also it would be helpful to respond to e-mails as it does give confidence especially for a first time order…..

    1. ive come accross this problem before there many delivery companies in manila area & luzon so my solution is to use other mean,s for manila i can deliver on a bus i use DLTB bus liners they will meet up on route or they have 2 depots in manila that orders can be left at for later pick up …also there a welsh man called roy walters that sells bacon ham pies and sausages he is willing to pick up my orders and combine with his order and deliver together

    2. But to be honest LBC is only 30% my prices are so low compared to other brit stores even then small orders are not bad 2000 peso order is only 600 peso,s big orders are of course worth other delivery methods

    3. Hi mike an update on shipping method,s LBC Are now doing an additional service cash on delivery it work out approx 50% cheaper then there standard delivery charge over the past 7 weeks 50+ orders have sent using LBC COD which is good news for the customers & has resulted in many new customers …regards mike p.s my web admin in uk, has now taught me how to use this page as he is quite busy & did not always reply to enquiries quickly

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